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Ralf Schülke aka stargater



I’ve gotten the latest Haiku build to run on my EEE 901. Last fortnights build didnt work but this one does. Its currently booting off a 256mb SD Card… sound, lan, wlan, bluetooth dont work, the flash hdd’s are invisible, and the video resolution isnt able to be set correctly but it runs very nicely :wink:

Anyone out there working on drivers for the Atom chipset? I’d be happy to beta/alpha test…


i listen a developer (Ihtamar and mmrl) work on it (eeepc 900)
After the BeGeistert 019 event i hope i have more infos.

When you like to help (developing, Testing, Community , Website stuff, etc …) it a good point to join the Haiku MailingList.

This is what the developer read and comunicate.


Ralf Schülke aka stargater

Hi Ralf
I’ve signed up to developers list and will keep an eye out for the info on the EEE, thanks for pointing this out to me. Am very keen to test new drivers/software.


…and what about Pandora ?

It would be very interesting to compete with Ubuntu…

[quote=forart.it]…and what about Pandora ?
It would be very interesting to compete with Ubuntu…

Not heard of that before; thanks for the link. Looks an interesting platform. ARM-based though so will be a while until we can see Haiku on something like that.

most likely the linux running on the pandora will be highly optimised and use much less ram than haiku

the predecessor to the pandora only had 64mb (gp2x) and the one before that only 8mb (gp32) but they ran fine with that…

in order to be feasible on the pandora haiku would need to support the wifi chip (proprietary) and the processor most of all requiring an ARM port of haiku (which would be a good thing especially considering the beagleboard is nearly identical to teh pandora hardware with a few execptions)… also haiku would need to use less ram and im not sure if that is possible is it?

also the 3d chip is proprietary but maybe someone will be able to write an open driver for it…eventually