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I just discovered the <a href=http://www.syllable-news.info/news.display.php?id=2>Syllable one and I must say that would be great to have something similar for Haiku…

Simon Taylor has been posting periodic status/progress updates to his blog and on the main page. It seems to be working.

It does look very nice!
Regular newsletters have been tried a few years back. Although they were very well appreciated by everyone, most developers didn’t find the time to write articles. Only natural, not every developer makes an equally good writer. Also, many put every time they can into the code. As they should, of course.
That left more or less Michael Phipps who managed to crank out a few more, but after a time Real Life got him too…

Personally, while such a magazine like publication has its advantages (esp. from a PR view) it’s a bit… how should I put it… it is just sooo 2005… :slight_smile:
I find todays medium is the blog. It gives every individual the opportunity to document their current work, plans, and feelings in as much detail as they like. No need for fixed newsletter article form.
As a spectator, I’d appreciate if more of the devs would be more outspoken in that regard. Don’t find the time? Just make it short and sweet. :slight_smile:

Anyway, reestablishing the newsletter format won’t work. If more devs were publishing blog postings, we could grab a handful of the most informative and condense them into a nice magazine every few months.
I’m quite optimistic that once R1 is out more devs will come forward (old and new) and blog their ideas for R2.


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