Haiku Depot Bugs

Haiku Depot has some bugs. While scrolling down through the list of applications, HaikuDepot suddenly gets in scroll down loop so the content of the listbox starts to jump up and down.

Another nasty bug. Installing software through HaikuDepot sometimes works, sometimes it doesnt. Software I uninstalled through the Depot tool, is not uninstalled but stays on the system. Sometimes, the tool says software is “active” like SDL or glib2 but the software is not installed, no compiler can find the libraries.

OK, this is a bit radical, but open up /boot/system/packages/administrative and delete everything in it. Do the same for /boot/home/config/packages/administrative. Empty the Trash. Now reboot. That should force a rebuild of your package database.

But make a backup before you do that, and make sure you have another way to boot Haiku. I’ve done this and it works 9 times out of 10. The tenth time your system will refuse to boot :frowning:

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Thanks for the reply! Lets hope the devś creating the tool fix the tool!

Another error: I know you call it a feature, but if I install a program which is
dependent on another (eg yab), then this deinstallation is uninstalled
with dependency and all other programs that is connected to it is called Case of yab the all yab programs are removed with.