Haiku crashes regularly on 2 different hardwares?


I’ve been using Haiku last Sunday and spent the day following the C++ tutorial, learned a lot, loved it, everything went fine.

Next day I boot it up, start a pdf, it crashes with a console taking half the screen but the machine was completely freezed. After that it would crash very early after I start using it, either when I save a file or when I gcc something or…

Tried it on my laptop, now it crashes at the first boot (similar thing, console takes half the screen and I can’t do anything). Tried alpha1 r3 too and it’s the same. It seems to work ok in a virtualbox vm under win7 but perfs are really slow…

Anyway, what can I provide to get some help ? The errors seem to be different everytime. It is somewhat old hardware (3-5 years for the 2 comps, both are core2duo, 1 IDE disk 1 is SATA, 3 and 4G of RAM), so I expected it to be supported. Please tell me if you need any additionnal info, like should I write down the errors displayed or something ? Weirdest thing is that it worked perfectly well for a full day… LiveCD seems to work fine too…


I went through some post and saw an issue with sata controllers for disks ; on the laptop I had a “enhanced mode” for sata that I turned to “compatible mode” and now it boots and I was able to work on it again, so even though it requires a bit of manipulation it’s fine. Didn’t try the desktop yet, probably it’s a similar issue. But I’ll turn the desktop into a NAS or something soon, so it’s fine.


I remember having boot problems 4-5 years ago which had to do with the hard drive mode setting in BIOS. However, at the time it was not SATA but IDE drive and changing the BIOS setting fixed the problem then too.

Come to think of it, I saw a problem with some hard drive test software that also needed the BIOS to be changed and those test programs were running under FreeDOS. So it not just Haiku.