Haiku Connect

The idea for this is something akin to KDE Connect, but for Haiku. Maybe instead of Haiku Connect, it could be called Prose or Tanka.

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Was this thread in response to something? Is it something like BeShare? What would be needed to implement it?


Just searched for it and it is kind of like BeShare but with more goodies.

Well, more for a local network than BeShare is (aside from using it with something like Tailscale).

At the moment, there is some third-party documentation of the KDE Connect protocol:

There has been some discussion at this year’s Akademy conference on improving official documentation of KDE Connect to help with creating alternative/third-party implementations.

Been wondering, would it be possible to have a Haiku-native implementation of KDE Connect which integrates deeply with the system? Maybe for a start, a Tracker add-on that provides a Send to Device submenu or menu entry that opens a pop-up window showing available devices in the local network for sending files to.

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I see someone has ported the protocol to a Gnome interface called GSConnect also.

Porting/rewriting KDE Connect is a great idea and,in fact,I already thought about the same thing some months ago.
As a starting point,it may be quite easy to port the existing KDE Connect software as we already have Qt and many of the KDE libraries,but the original KDE Connect won’t integrate into Haiku-native software like Tracker then,which would be a big show stopper.
For improved integration with the Haiku ecosystem,it will be required to rewrite it from scratch using native libraries.
Luckily KDE Connect is open-source,so we can use their network protocol which can enable our native reimplementation of KDE Connect to pair with their official mobile apps.


MUSCLE would be a way to do this. I thought about doing that. I wanted something that would work on BeOS as well. Not relying on 3rd party UI toolkits would be a lot better.

The KDE Connect protocol is toolkit-independent, as shown by GSConnect and Valent.


Sure, but if the code and UI are tied too much to modern things, it won’t be very portable to BeOS. It would be nice to create a native client, rather than just porting more code that will need to be maintained. I think creating a small command line app first might be a nice way to prototype it.

Prolly one of the biggest blockers for a KDE Connect reimplementation on Haiku would be mDNS (device discovery), although that is not a strict requirement (manually entering the IP is still available). But for the core features such as file sending, clipboard sharing, and notifications, AFAIK those shouldn’t have technical blockers.

What is the current status of mDNS on Haiku?

I think you mean dns-sd?
iirc we already have multicast dns. In any case this needs to be added to Haiku one way or another for a whole mess of reasons, for example printer discovery.

edit: #16318 (IPP-Everywhere and AirPrint - Print support the XXIst century way) – Haiku

There’s a plan to implement an mDNS backend in mainline KDE Connect:

Transitioning to newer encryption methods is also in the works, which may affect the viability of a BeOS reimplementation. Doubt that a Haiku reimplementation would have problems with this, however. Hopefully not, anyways.