Haiku Compatible New Hardware?

Am in the market for a new PC.

Really liked BeOS so would like to make sure that all the hardware is compatible.

Is there is list of what recent hardware works with Haiku?

If not how do I find out what hardware the Haiku developers are using?



There is no such list… unfortunatelly.

Best is to ask the developers for the hardware they use…

Until now there is noone who has a easy to follow list of working hardware…

There is a list on haikuware but a little basic


For video, you’ll likely use vesa mode which is fairly fast, unless you get a Geforce 7950 or older. ( supports even a few early Radeon X & older Intel video cards ).

What you really have to watch for is network, sound & sata controller.

For sound, there is HD audio but try not get the latest. Get something with a little older HD audio chip ( preferably out for 2 years ).

For network card, go with one that is popular ( on-board on many systems ). Realtek has good support. Mine is below & works very well.

device 8168: RTL8111/8168B PCI Express Gigabit Ethernet controller

For wifi, read here:

There is ahci sata driver ( untested by myself so not sure how well it works ). If you go sata then try to get something with legacy support ( in the BIOS ) and is ahci. My sata controller is non-ahci but works with legacy sata mode in Haiku.

Intel & VIA motherboard chipsets are really well supported. Nvidia & SIS chipsets should work good too.

If you stick to little dated but popular sound & network cards/chipsets then you’re very likely to get supported hardware.

Also, once you decide on motherboard, search http://dev.haiku-os.org for open tickets regarding video, network, etc.

I want to buy a high end system that can run Haiku. So put me down as wanting info on this issue.