Haiku broke BFS

After trying on Haiku some BeOS apps I had froze system, after that I did reset system. After that I can not boot Haiku anymore.
After first time I succesefully mounted Haiku partition on Linux, but after trying booting Haiku with debuger screen I can not mount Haiku partition anymore.
Some screens:

Sorry for quality of photos, actually, fonts in debugger is to small and not very clear.

– Is it possible to rescue system? Or I have to reinstall from the scratch.

“continue” command in the debuger helped to boot Haiku!
After boot:

~> checkfs /boot
size (inode = 4750), invalid b+tree
Recreating broken index b+trees...
        67980 nodes checked,
        0 blocks not allocated,
        0 blocks already set,
        303270 blocks could be freed

        files           63364
    directories     4618
    attributes      2149
    attr. dirs      1251
    indices         16

    direct block runs               66752 (11.27 GiB)
    indirect block runs             190 (in 10 array blocks, 188.25 MiB)
    double indirect block runs      0 (in 0 array blocks, 0 bytes)


Now system boots OK.

That would be something for the BUG Tracker: https://dev.haiku-os.org

Also you should write which haiku version you used as you haiku runs (Vm, nativ …).

Furthermore, not all BeOS program on Haiku are executable. If
you are using a current Haiku system, you should remove all installed
drivers and system components from / boot / home / non-packages as the
home folder is taken into account before the system folders.