Haiku Bootloader booting Linux

Is it possible to use the Haiku Bootloader to boot a version of Linux on a ext4 partition?

No, why would you want to? linux has it’s own bootloader(s)

Use grub and add haiku to it, is the better way

I used the os-prober package included in arch-linux to auto configure GRUB. But it failed to make Haiku bootable. When I installed Haiku I got a nice GUI to configure the boot menu. It detect my Arch-linux installation and add the menu entry. But booting arch-linux fails. That is the reason I currently have to Haiku bootloader installed.

Does anyone have examples on how to add Haiku to GRUB?

You can use the Haiku boot manager to load Linux, no problem. You do have to install grub in the Linux partition though. (If it’s put in the MBR of the device, it conflicts with the Haiku boot manager already sitting there. Haiku’s boot manager also keeps getting overwritten by grub on every other Linux update…)

See PulkoMandy’s tip in this thread:

Works like a charm.

My Ubuntu install is already a few years old, the entry in grub is still fine with booting Haiku here

Got it working with GRUB! Thanks