Haiku birthday party time

Tomorrow Haiku has birthday, it is 15 years young.
It’s a good date that we the community to say thank you and celebrate and how to any good birthday makes you the birthday child a small gift.

therefore load and tomorrow all donate and donate sector contracting your wish for or to a Haiku.

Incidentally, until Beta1 only 28 reports are open.

Thanks on BetaMAX he reminded this date (irc #haiku)

MFG stargater


Missed the actual birthday day!

It is also good to know that much progress toward Beta 1 has been made during the last year. It feels reachable.

A French article about Haiku 15th birthday and looking back at the history and future: http://linuxfr.org/news/haiku-a-15-ans
Ok, to be fair I must admit I wrote most of it and submitted it to the website.

Don’t suppose you’d consider doing an English translation… (:-)) I can read French enough to get the gist of most of it, but it wasn’t easy going. (I gave up on the comments – too much Gallic slang to follow!)

Hi there,

Haiku turns 17 today! Happy birthday everyone :slight_smile:

As in the previous year, I wrote a report about the state of Haiku (in French again):


Happy bday haiku (17) and happy bday besly (14)!!


Happy Birthday Haiku!

I think I still have a sticky note with my OpenBeos user name and password…


Started a thread for Haiku’s 17th. :slight_smile: Happy birthday, Haiku!

Happy 17th birthday, Haiku! You have kept the heart and soul of BeOS alive, and have went through four alphas. Here’s to hoping you get to your Beta soon, Release 1, and the next 17!

Bright future you have
System of leaf and brave soul
Hooray for Haiku! :star2:

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Never forget: http://birdhouse.org/beos/byte/30-bootloader/

Need to get Scot Hacker to write a review about Haiku when it hits beta :wink:

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Your English is so good, I forget it’s not your native tongue. :smiley: