Haiku-based digital effect idea

Extending this post :


i would like to build for myself a digital pc-based effect, something like a netbook put into a case with analog controls, such as switches and other things you normally have on musician effects but controlling LV2/VST plugins using a usb interface. The media_kit have some facilities to do this on nodes (BParameterWeb comes on mind).

On the hardware end, there are some arduino-based projects which can easily allow to build those controls just flashing arduino with a firmware allowing it to appear as a generic usb-midi interface. So that one don’t need a driver to use it, this could also make easy to mod such a beast and additionally it could just work with existing controls. I’m not sure though if the MIDI protocol is capable for this use.

I think to it as an excellent kickstarter project.

I don’t think the best way at the begin could be to provide the hardware itself out-of-the-box, but all schematics, software and guidance to build it under a creative common license (on the arduino stream, mode). Similarly, at the software end a minimalist Haiku version should be provided, with something like a fork of cortex without GUI providing ssh access (or better an http interface) to manage the plugins and load things such as presets. I see, ipothetically, more realistic to sell it as kit (pcb + components).

This is an idea which i had years ago, as an extension to the homemade synth i talked in the other thread, maybe it’s the time to begin to think to Haiku in some serious application, isn’t it?

Any opinion? I’m curious to listen what haiku users think about a project like this : )


Searching on the internet i’ve discovered this :


I would be interested in it. The toughest thing to do for a musician with open source software is getting through the steep learning curve in order to make everything work. I’ve given up on Linux so many times because I just don’t have the time to learn everything from scratch.

It would be good to see Haiku doing more with music.

I too would be greatly interested in supporting a project like this.

On an unrelated side note, would there be any possibility of adding Firewire peripheral support to Haiku to help a project like this?
I know FFADO has been discussed in the past, I was wondering if there was any development with that.

Dunno if can help or maybe interesting for you, but a port of VstBoard would be great, IMHO:

I don’t think there will be any port of FFADO, Ardour or whatever if Haiku is not demonstrated able to be productive. FFADO would be a great addition to Haiku, but it’s just a too large amount of work at the moment, and probably a dev should be prepared to fight with alsa code.

About vst_board, i think the best way would be to improve the current vst.media_addon to support the latest VST standard or make some port of jalv + NASPRO bridges.

Just wanted to share ideas anyway : )