Haiku Audiophile Goodness! :o)

I have to say I am absolutely delighted by the news that drivers for these cards have been added to the repo! My main machine is host to 2x 2496s’ albeit solely for use by Windows. Until now that is!

My concern is this: are these drivers derived from the work done on the BeOS ICE drivers? If so, are they infringing any NDA/copyright anywhere along the line?

If not, are they from a gpl/Linux source?

Thanks for any info…

ICE drivers here:

One of the driver files that mentions your card:

I looked at two of the .c files (including the one mentioned above) and they both had the Haiku MIT license, so maybe all the ICE stuff is MIT?

I read a comment over at BeBits a while ago (can’t remember exactly) which seemed to suggest that any use of the existing code (the BeOS driver) would be a breach of the NDA signed by the original dev.

Still, good to know that the Haiku driver lisence is under MIT.

This does mean though that my Haiku install will have to be ‘promoted’ to my main machine instead of the scruffy old box it now shares with Windows 2000 :o)