Haiku as qemu host?

Hi all.
I’m a developer and I do all my work via virtual machines on a linux host so I’m thinking if it’ll be possible a switch to Haiku as main OS.
Do you think it’s possible to use Haiku as VM host machine and run full linux (with network, X, access to usb ports, etc…) as guest without problems or it could be too risky?

Right now, running VMs in our QEMU port on Haiku would be too slow for you since we don’t have hardware accelerated virtualization yet. We have several potential candidate hypervisors to use to support this like NetBSD’s NVMM or Bhyve.

Quite frankly, there really is nothing stopping Haiku from having this implementation-wise except for the lack of time and developers implementing this.

Afaik the quemu port doesnt have networking support at all. At least i was not yet sucessful with it.