Haiku as if looking like NT

I had this idea in mind, what if I could dress Haiku differently and fool the regular user into thinking it’s Windows NT. And so I did and here is the result


Note: I was too lazy to change the icons but my freind was still fooled XP

Post your thoughts please :slight_smile: next time I’ll turn KDE/XFCE into Haiku

New features are welcome, but these kinds of “influences” should to stay away from Haiku, imho :slight_smile:

Im not saying these should be in , im just saiyan this is a little project I got working

BTW Is there anyway to change the bluw leaf to a Win200 Start button?

Yes it can be changed, but its not that easy.

There should be some info on how to do it with the guide to making a distro.

It definitely looks interesting. I personally love how Haiku looks, it’s very unique, but at the same time it is also very functional. Once I got used to Haiku’s layout I prefer it much more than any other OS I’ve tried, it just seems right. But I still understand that some people are stuck in their ways and love the “Windows” set up. Nothing wrong with that, and I hope that in R1 people will have a choice of what type of layout they want to use.

I quite like it :smiley:

I was surprised to not see any window decorators used

New image!
I show WebPositive and two tabs as well as a newly shaded Deskbar
BTW Should I try the reverse and make windows look like Haiku’s default?

Yes, it’s a nice feature to be able to move the deskbar around into the different positions and layouts. But when using BeOS, I got used to the idea of it being in the upper right-hand corner, and I now like the default position precisely because it’s one of the things that makes BeOS/Haiku different from all the other OS/Desktops.