Haiku as a server in the future


I know that Haiku is a desktop OS, but it is possible to make Kaiku a server OS in the future?

The kernel is prepared to do this?

Like run an Apache Web Server or even a Tomcat servlet container (with Openjdk)


Over the years I have encountered a number of posts mentioning using BeOS as the base of their web-servers. I unfortunately do not remember which server applications were used. Given that Haiku re-implements BeOS, it should be possible to use it in a similar fashion.

There may be technical reasons limiting the efficiency of Haiku as a web-server compared to say Linux. The commercial TuneTracker streaming internet radio application was designed for BeOS, and has been maintained/updated to run on Haiku. So, a server application designed for Haiku, and making use of its features, may be more satisfying than one ported from the Linux eco-system.

There is nothing preventing Haiku OS being used to “serve” data.

However. Since everything in computing comes down to a trade-off, the decision has been made that Haiku (which is intended for desktop use) should spend more of the CPU’s attention by servicing the processes that deal with user interaction at a higher priority than background tasks. Since a server normally sits there running background tasks, an operating system intended for server use would choose to spend longer time intervals per process - instead of wasting time checking for direct user input that probably isn’t there.

So the answer is “yes” - you can use Haiku as a server. But bear in mind that it is not intended as such, and all things being equal, an OS which has been set up for servicing network clients with higher priority and spends less time checking the mouse, keyboard and other devices for new input will outperform Haiku as a server.

There could be some sort of “priority setting” somewhere in the OS but I prefer the idea of using an OS that is optimized for server workloads for server tasks - since Haiku still needs time to finish becoming a desktop OS (which is the core focus here) - let alone a server one.

you dont need apache for big server services, you can used cxxtools and tntnet, found more on www.tntnet.org .

i like to see anyone can make a hpkg :wink:

http://fatekl.com amd http://coquilletkd.com and http://nwmacalendar.com are all served from the same haiku box, and have been for years now. I use xitami and araneum web servers and campus ftp server, I also run a muscle server. beshare connects to coquilletkd.com

This works ok for small web sites, I like haiku because I can use yab for the back-end and modified people files for user authentication.

Having apache and a real database would be better. :slight_smile: