Haiku and the "Hifive Unmatched" RISC-V Motherboard

I hope to try Haiku with this motherboard once I get it in March. I thought I saw some unofficial build of Haiku with RISC-V support which I now can’t find. Does anyone know where it is?

Hey @davidpgil! There are unofficial builds available for RISC-V, found here: https://download.haiku-os.org/nightly-images/riscv64/
However, these builds are not yet bootable and in a very early state. This is being actively worked on by @kallisti5.

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I mean… they’re bootable and our EFI bootloader works… the kernel just doesn’t load yet :slight_smile:

I have the Hifive Unmatched board coming soon as well. Trying to use it as motivation to get this stuff working :grin:


I have a buy some stuff like ARM Boards. And NOW is it is dusting, waiting for better times…


i Think what about a “crack” x86 Haiku kernel to uml schema? It’s lot of things all cleary
work of our kernel.

If youd like help with testing, let me know.

Not x86 and not ARM and very expensive, but I thought this was interesting.

It’s a system based on a POWER9 and quite “open.”

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