Haiku and multiple cpu's

Does anyone know if there are any computers for which Haiku recognizes 4 or more cpu’s ? I have only seen it indicate 2 cpu’s in the icon display, even though the Intel iMac on which I run Haiku has two double-core cpu’s. Way back in 1997 I saw a demo of BeOS running on a BeBox with 8 cpu’s. The performance was incredible. More than 16 years later Apple and Microsoft still can’t compare with that demo. I would love to get an 8 cpu machine for Haiku, or even 4.

If Haiku does not show all the cores of your CPU you should file a bug report.

Which version of Haiku is this?

I have a dual core and I have had the same probluem and just thought it was a driver or a kernal issue.



They just raised the CPU limit a couple of days ago.

Just putting that out there here just in case someone missed that article. But of course if you still do not see all your cores you should definitely file a bug report.

I would recomaned getting a cheap AMD dual cpu socket MB and getting quad core opteron 3000 CPUs, then you would have your 8 cores and also lots of PCIe slots and RAM slots for additional upgrades down the road. All in all off Newegg or ebay it would probably cost around $450, for an older server motherboard and 16 gigs of RAM, and the 2 CPU’s.

I picked up a HP XW9400 workstation before Christmas for only $200. It has AMD dual quad core Opterons for a total of 8 cores, and can be upgraded to dual 6 core “Istanbul” processors. Haiku hrev46618 x86_64 installed without issues, and everything is working except for SAS drive support -SATA is ok. The guys who sold me my unit can be found on ebay under “calgarycomputerwholesale”.

Haiku works correctly with up to 8 CPUs. If you have an Intel CPU with hyperthreading, this will count as 2 CPUs. Pawel has recently created a nightly release (as mentioned previously) with support for more CPUs.

Here is a quick and crude implementation of the Haiku Mandelbrot demo with support for 4 CPUs.

Hi vidrep, Thanks for that hint. Recently I bought an 8-core XW9400 on ebay. It is really impressive running Haiku (even though Haiku doesn’t recognize the nVidia 16:9 video card).

It’s nice to see somebody with the same PC using Haiku. Maybe we can collaborate on bug reports, by verifying hardware and system issues etc. before filing a ticket.

Speaking of multiple cores/CPUs, did the bug that prevented CPU throttling on multi-core/multi-processor systems ever get fixed?

Well, Intel plans a 8-core CPU later this year. With hyper-threading it will look like 16 CPUs to the OS.

See: http://hothardware.com/News/Intel-Outs-HaswellE-and-Devils-Canyon-CPUs-Ready-Mode-Technology-and-More-at-GDC/

The new API is coming on-line just in time.

I just got a 2x8 core xeon machine (OS sees 32 cores) with 128GB RAM under my desk at work. Will try booting haiku next week and see what happens.

I’ve been installing nightly builds on my main machine which uses an older quad-core Xeon x3210 CPU & Haiku runs really smooth, even though i have it down-clocked to almost half its default frequency because of heating issues. Other than that i haven’t had any problems running the nightly builds on older quad-core systems.

@Munchausen: try it! I’ve been waiting to hear a story about Haiku running on a high-end dual Xeon system, i bet GLteapot renders at 700+ fps lol.

Hey, I am black and I still turned green with envy.

I started to download the latest nightly to give it a go yesterday, but it was going to take 3 hours or so (quite why I don’t know!). I left it running, and will try it next week…

Sorry to intrude. But how does this discussion vary from this query?


Hey cb88, yeah I already tried that to see what was going on, and it doesn’t do anything.

What’s strange is that it only does this when booting from CD. If I try to boot from USB it gets to the 4th icon and then I get a KDL saying it can’t find the boot volume.

Ah ic… thats interesting have you posted the USB error log? I know such things have been fixed in the past even for some of my computers.

Very strange about the cdboot… have you tried burning different images to cd? There is the Anyboot image and also a reglar ISO which work differently.

Tried booting haiku yesterday but got a KDL when it couldn’t find the USB drive it was booting from. I tired a few BIOS settings that didn’t help, I’ll try a CD next time.

@puppy-linux: they’re quite similar threads. I don’t really see how you can’t see the differences by reading them? The other thread asks if haiku is written to take advantage of multi threading/multi core CPUs already, this one asks if anyone has gotten more than 4 CPUs working in haiku.

Yes. My point was more that why ask about multiple CPUs (more cores really) if the programms available don’t take advantage of them. You are saving very little if anything by going for low efficiency exotic old second hand multiple CPU motherboards when you can buy new more conventional more modern efficient motherboards for AMD multi-core CPU, especially when neither take advantage of the extra grunt. As was pointed out above the OS has already been tweaked to look for more CPUs. It is shame that most Haiku software, despite the OS’s architecture, is stuck written in a style for more conventional OS. A bit like having a super car with only 2 gears.

Good stuff. But I can’t see the point beyond kudos (which is important at times I suppose!)