Haiku and apps ready for video editing

I have a spare AMD box and I am thinking about installing Haiku if it can help me towards my actual goal to get some video editing of some family camcorder videos. I remember the BeOS was supposed to have some surprisingly good video tools and apps available, but I have not really paid attention since the demise of the BeBox. I’ve been poking around haiku-os.org, looking through the faq, screenshots and flash videos, looking for a summary of where the OS is at and what apps are available and trying to find some indication of video editing apps, but I guess those were on the proprietary branch of the old OS.

Is that accurate? or am I missing something?

Haiku is still in development, in fact it’s not even alpha. But if you want to try try it nevertheless, you can search bebits.com (more exactly http://bebits.com/browse/8) for software that fit you needs, and you can try to run it on Haiku. But don’t expect it to be very usable, it’s simply a long way to go for it.

Sincerely, an impatient :wink:

Attesting BeOS a wide array of good video tools is a bit of a stretch. There was Adamation’s Personal Studio, which was quite OK for the time, but I wouldn’t describe it as killer app…
Then there is Edirol’s hardware video solution running BeOS. Can’t say anything about that.
Other than that there were a few more projects like Titan and another one I forgot the name that never made it past the concept phase.
Hopefully Haiku will have more success with A/V. I for one wouldn’t make the mistake and “market” Haiku as The Multimedia OS (whatever that is) like it’s been done with BeOS.
Haiku will probably have a more than decent foundation for media (low latency and a nice API) but without powerful end-user applications that isn’t worth that much.
Guess we’ll have to wait and see what comes off it…


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Thanks for the reply and the patience, folks. I’ll check back.
Good luck with Haiku, and have fun. Looks encouraging.