Haiku and 4k monitor

I have 4k monitor on HDMI connection, Haiku Framebuffer driver (Vega8 IGPU) shows only 1440p resolution on it. If this Framebuffer driver restriction or some insufficient HDMI interface on Haiku implementation?


I guess it’s the former.
I recently got a 4k monitor and Haiku runs on 3840x2160 but it’s extremely flickery and the mouse is jumpy (intel_exteme driver, not framebuffer here). The Screen prefs only show 60Hz frequency, while my chipset outputs just 30Hz for 4k over HDMI.
Is there a way to force Haiku to do 30Hz (if that is the problem)?

Sorry @damoklas, I don’t want to thread-nap this topic, just asking in parallel. :slight_smile:

There should be an option to set a custom refresh rate, I have my monitor set to something above 60hz to fix some graphical glitches :slight_smile:

Yeah, there’s a slider, but it only goes of IIRC 50-60Hz…

I suspect the HDMI connector is a problem. Display Port was invented to cater for problems with HDMI. Later on HDMI 2 got released, but the damage was done …

Funny enough, I had problems with a mainstream OS with a USB-C video out which didn’t support 75Hz, but worked fine on Haiku (well, standard Vesa). Switching to Display Port cable and all is good.

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On Linux and Windows it is working fine (correct resolution and refresh rate). So it is most definitely Haiku problem.

Not with the Intel driver, where there is code that thinks it knows better than you and forces display modes to be “sane”, so you can’t really configure anything slightly out of bounds. We should remove or relax most of these restrictions, I think. At least, they should not apply when you try to set a specific video mode using the screenmode tool with specific parameters.