Haiku added to operating systems in StackOverflow developer survey

Jessicah informed us on IRC that StackOverflow is running their yearly developer survey, and this year a new addition to the operating systems list is Haiku :sunglasses:

It looks like we’re a serious project now! If you are a developer and use Haiku, please take a few minutes to complete the survey and let’s see how many % of the developer market share we have :smiley:


I had got the impression that Haiku had perhaps exceeded some critical mass lately. The forum seems much more active, and Trends shows a more consistent popularity than even when that thread started.

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Nice to see - I have this as my signature in Linux Questions Forum- every little helps… :wink:

Windows-less since 1999

Old computers (& RPi) with lightweight distros

Ultra small desktop computers & thin clients

For those with an inquisitive mind why not try Haiku - https://www.haiku-os.org/


Filled in the survey :slight_smile:

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Also filled the survey. Nice to have Haiku listed. :upside_down_face:

I can’t find the survey

It is closed now, we can wait for the results once they are analyzed by the StackOverflow team.

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The results are in:

Personal use: 0.2%
Professional use: 0.08%


Direct link to operating systems section here.


Quote from there:

“Windows is the most popular operating system for developers, across both personal and professional use.”

Personal use 59.72%
Professional use 46.91%

This is incorrect information: Linux is the most professionally used platform among professionals. Here are the combined percentages from different Linux distributions (excluding Android and WSL), taken from there: 55.6% (for personal use 58.14% — almost as MS Windows!?).

…So obviously there is something wrong with the percentages they are giving.

… So, adding up all the percentages of the survey, it turns out that a total of 208.22% of users use mentioned systems for personal use — ???

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In which profession?

Use of computer?
… by developers.

You could select multiple operating systems.
I think they calculate the percentage of the OSes as % of survey participants.
If someone selects two or three systems, the total percentage of all OSes can become more than 100% then.

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But that’s not how percentages work.
They should distinguish and not put everything in one place.
Now it is not clear what those numbers mean.

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Anyway, these kind of survey have no meaning because people are not honest with their answers. Otherwise balls, chains and whips would appear at end of tool section and coffee maker at the top. :smiley:

What do you mean “that is not how percentages work”?

If I tell you this:

  • 50% of people rent their home instead of byying it
  • 90% of people own a car

These percentages do not add up to 100%. But these two things are not exclusive, so there’s no problem with that.

Or to word it better: on average, people who replied to the survey use two operating systems for personal use

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There are two different polls here.

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Yes, probably. But that’s a whole other question (how many and what OS’s are you using?).

The poll did accept multiple answers. So you can consider it a separate poll for each OS.

  • Do you use Haiku for personal use?
  • Do you use Windows for personal use?
  • Do you use Linux for personal use?
    … and so on.

Not sure how many of the survey respondents responded to the OS question but 0,2% is already quite impressive.

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