Haiku Activity Report - September 2020 | Haiku Project

Welcome to the Haiku Monthly Activity Report for September 2020. This report covers revisions from hrev54539 to hrev54608.

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There is a bad date-timestamp on this original Drupal post!

Drupal not used anymore, the website generated by Hugo AFAIK.

Wow, right from the installer to desktop? Seems like an OS first to me. Great work @n0toose!

This is not even a bad idea.

Eh, I just thought that forcing the user to reboot when the thing they’d most likely want is to go back was a bad idea. (e.g. What if they chose the wrong locale?)

My changes did introduce a few pointer-related bugs (and one header-related problem that wouldn’t let Haiku get compiled— I had to rewrite the change under very counterproductive circumstances), but Pulko helped me a lot by fixing those.

But what does “exit to Desktop” means exactly?
Starting the Desktop of the live system or starting the desktop of the freshly installed system?

No, the installer reboots the system when done as before.

What changed is that if you close the installer window instead of installing, you get back to FirstBootPrompt without having to reboot.

This actually crossed my mind (before I tried to implement the use cases properly), but I completely forgot about it!

“Exit to Desktop” sounded a bit confusing to me, because it’s not like the user opened up FirstBootPrompt and wants to return to the Desktop. “Try out the Desktop” (or similar) would probably sound better. Will push a patch later.