Haiku Activity Report: Performance Edition | Haiku Project

Welcome to the monthly report for July 2019! Most of the more interesting changes this month have been from myself in the way of performance optimizations, so I’m writing the progress report this month so I can talk about those in some detail.

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Thanks for the report, maybei i am just tired, but i understood slmost nothing from this post. :wink:

I enjoy reading monthly reports more and more recently. As always, great news and a pleasure to see what is moving and in what direction. Nice to see performance issues / benchmarks are given more attention now.

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great report… thanks for informing us

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Good report. Thanks!

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It is possible to do some benchmark to haiku? can you here recommend me please any software to test speed.

Web+ is noticably more stable on Haiku as of late… I can play a youtube video with pretty low CPU usage now, (there seems to be some background javascript that makes the CPU flip out when you move the mouse around, an adblocker/jsblocker is much needed).

Unfortunately you can’t change settings on youtube videos as the menu just disappears as soon as you click on it.

Thanks for all the hard work as of late guys! It’s paying off.