Haiku activity report - May 2021 | Haiku Project

Hello, it’s time for the May activity report!

This report covers revisions hrev55070-hrev55129.

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Busy month! :slight_smile:

One important thing hasn’t been mentioned: Máximo Castañeda (madmax) has joined the Haiku dev team. Welcome Máximo, and godspeed!


Thanks for the report.

It’s nice to see that the RISC-V port get some attention outside of the Haiku world.

The post has been updated to add that.


Maybe the answer is obvious, but when you say some drivers are disable do you mean they aren’t built or just aren’t enabled by default?

The disabled drivers aren’t part of the nightly image.

They are removed from the nightly and release images but the code was not removed from the source tree (yet). We will probably keep them for some time and see if someone wants to fix them, and otherwise, delete the code later.