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Welcome to the May-June 2020 activity report!

Yes! You probably already know, the Beta 2 version has shipped and is available for download. There was a lot of work done towards the release, and then some of us decided to take a break from Haiku for a few weeks to compensate for it.

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Although I don’t understand most of the technicalities in these activity reports, I do understand how much work is being done by quite a small number of people, and how much there is still to do… Well done! Your work is appreciated.

And good to see that progress continues to be made with Web+.


I am really impressed with the work done. I appreciate the effort balance between fixing issues and adding new features. I am also grateful for wise and productive resource management in GSoC. Keep it running!

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Amazing work, wished the install process would be better in future.
But anyway great to see the Beta2, waiting for Beta3

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Hi. Thanks for all the good work on Beta2 and the nightly updates. If I notice an issue I normally wait a week or 2 and it gets fixed. There is however one thing that always crashes the whole system. If you use WebPositive to view https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=89w-L3aICj4 It used to crash a few seconds into the add. Now it crashes the whole system if you try to go backwards or forwards a few times in the video. It happens on real hardware and also in VMware. I captured a screenshot and hope it will help. The bug has been around in both Beta2 and the nightly versions for at least a month.Haiku%20Nightly%20hrev54384%20-%202020-07-03%2018-52-24 Cheers.

This is an app_server crash, but you should use the Haiku bugtracker ( http://dev.haiku-os.org ) to report problems.

This is probably #16246.

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Yes, which was closed as a duplicate, but that bug should also be resolved in both the nightlies and in the Beta2 update channel. Nobody has reported it as definitively fixed however, and I could only reproduce it intermittently…

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Reproduced on hrev54390 x86_64 w/ FFmpeg 4.2.2-6. On my end, no issues with running the Youtube AVC-1/MP4a videos end-to-end or during frame sliding (but after a few minutes of web browser tinkering, it happens). If I stop the video, restart Web+, and go to another site from the preloaded Youtube URL, nothing happens. But, I know the issue is ‘randomly’ reproducible with normal web browsing with Web+ and video accelerant interaction (leading back to the app_server) when watching Youtube prerecorded videos.

NOTE: Oddly, Youtube video playback seems more stable with Otter. Web+ may use a method which triggers the event more easily.

I remember this happened around the memory management mapping changes (i.e. SMAP) with the video drivers last year or so…

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