Haiku activity report - February 2021 | Haiku Project

This report covers revisions hrev54947-hrev54978 (that was a quiet month in Haiku)

Andrew Lindesay continues his work on cleaning HaikuDepot sources and removing a custom-made List class to use standard (BeAPI and C++ stl) containers. There were some regressions in the process, that were found and identified.

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Hm… I felt it was a very busy month for Haiku. At least from my point of view. Lots of Apps got updates. Lots of new Software and lots of discussion.
Very good unusual work done in the background. Lots of new Haiku user… Welcome all.
And some devs came back to join again
Very positiv month of february for Haiku.


Please fix the title in the discuss. Is February 2021.

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I am looking mainly at the commit log of Haiku itself for these reports. With only 31 commits it is a quiet month there (sometimes we get a hundred or more). In fact it is the lowest count ever recorded since 2002 (you can see the stats here: http://pulkomandy.tk/stats/activity.html the previous lowest activity was 42 commits in february 2018).

That doesn’t mean nothing is happening outside of the main Haiku sourcecode, however. But I can’t track everything. If someone from the haikuports team could do similar work there, and maybe someone could do the other things (forum and mailing list activity, maybe? - The Be newsletter had something like that) it would be great, but I don’t want to spend a week per month editing newsletters :sweat_smile:


Maybe Haiku is just getting better so not that much needed to update :rofl: