Haiku activity report - December 2021 | Haiku Project

Happy new year!

Note: this report covers changes only to the Haiku main git repository. There are many other things going on for Haiku outside that git repository. In recent big news, we have an X11 compatibility layer, and a running experimental Wine port. However, I cannot cover everything in these reports. Help welcome if you want to contribute to our website with news announcements for such items.

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Nice progress in several areas! Kudos to all of you! :ok_hand:


I would suppose that Haiku developers slowly change their focus from developing the OS to developing the applications for it. And this is a sign that Haiku becomes a stable and attractive platform for application developers. Or in other words, Haiku matures as OS.

Another idea is this month (and this year) we were witnesses of great development outside of Haiku tree, which already is done, but not yet landed to source tree. And this is again a great news if interpreted correctly. This means Haiku is sufficiently important project to create separate repositories and experiment with the code outside of Haiku tree. In other words, this is a sign of Haiku development decentralization. Without judging if this is a good or bad thing, this clearly means Haiku is large and interesting platform for developers.


We are seeing this also when we try to upstream patches from haikuports, they tend to listen and help us now too :slight_smile:


Nice report, thanks Pulkomandy,
it looks like we are getting more and more help from outside, as I recognizet too with some applications like Scribus and Gerbera for example.

I hope with the wine port Haiku will not loose focus on Haiku apps and Haiku feel.
At least it is big promotion and will bring more User to try Haiku.

It is a prommising year 2022


A big “Thank You” to @pulkomandy for the report and everybody involved for their work on Haiku :+1: