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As is the usual way of things, the monthly Activity Report is hereby combined with my Contract Report.

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Minor “heads up”: the date reads “Sat, 2022-09-10”, preventing it from being the top entry article on haiku-os.org

Off I go to read the report!

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Alright, that was a pleasant read! Great work, everyone!

This seems like a good place/moment to publicly express my gratitude to all the code reviewers, for their great feedback (and also their patience!!!) when dealing with my poorly written code and patches :smiley:

The positive attitude from the devs certainly helps people like me, by encouraging us to try and do better. Thanks!


Whooop, Beta4 on the horizon! \o/ \o/ \o/ \o/

Better delated than neverated… :laughing:



@waddlesplash , The Time Traveler ! :slight_smile:

Actually he made this usual report as early as he could !.. :wink:

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Other …
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Getting Better All The Time 8-D

Thank you all the devs/maintainers, for your efforts !

For those who do not follow - many very old tickets were also closed besides those which block(ed) new beta. I think it’s also good news.
As also good if not new features but small things fixed that annoys users during daily use or when expected to function well. This way one can leave those workarounds that made them to follow to handle their way until gets fixed. Also reduce the chance a newbie face with a frustrating, non-working stuff during their installation/probing Haiku or applications.

And now Haiku got inew “make up” and “dresses” to attract more those who not just expect functions work well but its look must BE nicer … in every circumstances !.. to accomodate its legacy and its unique way they had liked / are liking for …

So, soon a new beta – Beta 4 – preparation for announcement and release starts/has been started yet ?

Let’s celebrate ! "\!/"
Keep calm ! No cost - this party was paid already by Hungarian taxable persons ! :-J

Thanks to all contributors and happy to see that Beta4 is on the horizon :+1:

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Appears I forgot to update the month in the date when copying the old post. Should be fixed in a few minutes once the website updates :slight_smile:

Fixed that also :slight_smile:

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I like the new GCC flag: -Oz, for really zmall binaries! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I always appreciate seeing these progress reports! Thanks to everyone for their hard work!

It reminds me that I should get back on that user fonts patch… I’m just having too much fun working on ArtPaint though. :smiley:


The BBox labels were pushed up a few pixels to allow BeOS apps that assume the label to be a bit higher up like it was on BeOS to render correctly.

We push the BBox label up a few pixels on Haiku apps too but for Haiku apps we also have to make sure that the label is pushed up correctly at different font sizes. This is part of a larger effort to get BeOS apps to run reasonably well on Haiku.

There were a couple of minor bugs found with the AboutSystem replicant as well that will be included in the next nightly. This feature is useful for screenshots so that you may display the system version without having to have the AboutSystem app open.


Good read :smiley:
It’s always awesome to see my name as a contributor on monthly reports.
And yeah Beta 4…!!!