Haiku Activity & Contract Report, March 2023 | Haiku Project

As is the usual way of things, the monthly Activity Report is hereby combined with my Contract Report.

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Thanks to the team as always for all the hard work.


Great work and big thanks to all involved! :ok_hand:

Looks like a huge amount of work is being done lately with lot of people contributing!
Thank you all very much for your time and commitment !

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Thanks for all … for all the efforts :))

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An interesting comment from Lobste.rs:

These reports would be a lot more readable if they included links or inline explanations of all of the proper nouns used to describe bits of the system. They very often read to me like ‘the FromdleService just gained support for FrobnicarionPlus’ and I have no idea whether I should be interested (and I say this as someone who ctually ram BeOS R5 and used BFS as a case study when teaching operating systems). It’s probably comprehensible to most of the Haiku developer community, but much less so to anyone outside who might want to become a contributor.

How hard would it be to have some light descriptions for non Haikuites? Haikuers? Haikuists?


“Haikuzaa” :slight_smile:

Depends on the topic in question, I suppose. Easiest and best to get a conversation going and include more people than the blog author, would be to simply ask in the blog comment, “Hey, what exactly is this FromdleService and how is it better than FrobnicarionPlus?”.
Guessing who might be confused with what is difficult, especially if you’re deep in the matter from debugging the bugger for a week…


I replied to the comment on Lobsters. Short version: indeed, the posts were originally started for the community, but now that they’re being spread more widely, I think we could stand to be a bit more accessible here. Figuring out how and when to do that may be tricky, so that we don’t have lots of redundant information for community members, though…


Please leave the reports as they are. This is not for any hypothetical nontechnical end-users but for the Haiku community. An operating system is a technical project by definition, so I’d expect it’s community member to be affine to technical terms. And if somebody doesn’t understand a term they are always welcome to ask here or on IRC. Much better solution than to have the regulars having to skip over all the additional explanations.


I think I provided a little more context (or at least tried to) when I wrote reports. But it takes a lot of time and sometimes I don’t understand things myself…

Anyway, I think they would be better with more context and explanations for the changes. Otherwise I can just read the git log directly?

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A Git log query that lists the commits for the period would be useful. Something like “See full commit history” type of thing.

For my understanding it should be standard for all apps and windows to remember its last size and positions! No compromise! What is the benifit having windows and apps and programms not recognize it!

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If windows could also remember when they are stacked and/or tiled, it would be even better…


Which behavior is ‘intended’ for multi-monitor operation (from dual monitor), if e.g. the external monitor on the laptop is not available at home away from home? +++
I hope deepL has translated my writing understandable!

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+1 on making it more readable.

As for how, Ive found that the links NOAA gives in their discussions for their ‘discussions’ are helpful in parsing meteorological jargon. Eg Text Products for AFD Issued by LOT

Perhaps just little inline links to definitions, documentation, and the like would be enough. Assuming many of those resources already exist somewhere, it could also be low effort.

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