Haiku Activity & Contract Report: March 2022 | Haiku Project

Just like the last few months, the usual Activity Report is hereby combined with my Contract Report.

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Thanks Haiku programmer gurus for all your work under the hood. Current nightly build(s) somehow does(/do) seem more stable and even maybe slightly more performant - especially in Web+ Is it even possible that my machine uses slightly less RAM on boot?

Anyway - Haiku is now my daily driver for the majority of tasks, and I am loving it. <3


Wow, Haiku is your daily driver ? That’s good to hear :blush:

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First of all, a big thank you to all for all this work, I have a question:

  • With your will to use also OpenBSD drivers, can we hope to have a driver for Elantech touchpad.


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Elantech touchpads should already work, though maybe with less features. There is a “full” Elantech driver in the tree, but it’s disabled I think as it doesn’t quite work.

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Great work thank you all devs very much…
Will Qt apps profit too if Haiku gets more stable?
Or has Qt to become better?

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I usually praise the achievements in monthly reports. But now my eye was captured with how much of really low-level and hard work was done by young and ambitious developers. Big THANK YOU.

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Pretty crazy that Haiku now has wine. I don’t think many would have taken that bet even a year ago.