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For a bit of a change this month, the usual Activity Report is hereby combined with my Contract Report. (Thanks to PulkoMandy for all his hard work writing the activity reports most other months, and for all the work he put into this one before turning it over to me for its completion. Now I get to write about myself in the third person!)

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QtWebEngine… how well is that working!?

It still regularly crashes,but after some retries it can at least render some more modern websites that don’t work in Otter Browser.
I don’t think it’s ready for everyday usage yet due to the stability issues,but only as a last resort for some specific sites.


Thank you :+1:

Another great and eventful month! Thank you so much and keep the development as exciting as it currently is.

For further features I would opt for supporting x86 applications in x86-64 Haiku.

“According to our roadmap, we have another beta release scheduled for just around the corner. waddlesplash (and hopefully the rest of the development team) intends to work on things related to this in the coming month: system stabilization, regression fixing, etc. With the additions of some pretty significant ported software, like QtWebEngine (Chromium), now GTK3 applications (GIMP, Inkscape, etc.), and quite soon WINE should be generally available, this next release is shaping up to be Haiku’s biggest one yet, and quite the jump from the last beta only last year.

This is the BIG ONE


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Thanks for all the hard work done by all! One thing in minor, 32bit seems to lack in updates here, no xlibe, no gtk3 …

Thank you for implementing xlibe instead of directly infecting Haiku with GTK.

Someone feed the boiler, more steam. The progress in recent months has been incredible. I’m going to go back to getting rs247 to build, then onto the HAL

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