Haiku Activity & Contract Report, February 2024 | Haiku Project

This report covers hrev57561 through hrev57615.

PulkoMandy fixed some UI issues in Screen preferences, including invalid Hz being displayed and a confusing translation string.

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A small correction: there was already a Brightness method in rgb_color, but it used a different algorithm based on YUV colorspace conversions that wasn’t really useful. It was confusing to have two different APIs, and the new “perceptual brightness” function was much more useful. So it replaces the old one now


Congrats again to all that contributed! :+1:


Would be great if the About this system window had the ability to copy the system information into the clipboard as to share on a bug ticket more easily.

The feature could have a copy button appear in the top right corner (of the system info block) when mousing over the system information (block).


I do not remember if this was already discussed, and if there were reasons not to have it.

But I also think it could be helpful, only that the button should appear at all times. If it only appears when mousing over it, then you still have to instruct someone to do it, so the button appears, so the person can use the button to copy the info, etc etc.

Once again, thank you everyone for your hard work.

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