Haiku Activity & Contract Report, February 2023 | Haiku Project

As is the usual way of things, the monthly Activity Report is hereby combined with my Contract Report.

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Nice report, seems a productive months has past, congrats to all involved! :ok_hand:

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Thanks for all contributors !

Have a shiny SPRING (of code) HERE ! 8-j

For me especcially the stopping of infinite number of question marks appearing on Deskbar icons pane is the most valuable :wink:
On R1B4 it appeared only when I started VLC player ever so almost everytrime as I watched videos/films/clips.
I disabled notification icon in settings and finally stopped to come up …
I am happy reading it blocked at all, anyway… I respawned Deskbar - to remove them - frequently and used Mediaplayer instead as often as I could (when I had not required sharpening image function of VLC on videos or subtitles : those have no selection function in Mediaplayer )

As my other Windows older laptop is not functioning anymore - actually I am on Haiku 32bit as so called “daily driver” due to necessity - I am happy for every system stability increase on R1B4 branch as I used that for all purposes as I discover them.

Not everything perfect, but goes better and better these days … I read forum posts lesser but use Haiku more often - so thanks for all your hard work. :))
As if finally I became stronger financially I would like to support YOU back via donation - fingers crossed to come sooner than later !..

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Thanks for your work!

You mention that

That won’t prevent Haiku from booting on a computer without any EFI right?

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This is purely about ARM. Modern U-boot can act as an EFI BIOS, so anywhere a recent U-boot is supported, we can still boot via EFI.

Also RISC-V.