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As is the usual way of things, the monthly Activity Report is hereby combined with my Contract Report.

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It seems the gray overlay over the shutdown icon is wrongly placed :slight_smile:

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Also it seems in hi-dpi mode the ui lost way too much contrast.

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Nice would be: Brightness persistence between reboots for new installs: https://review.haiku-os.org/c/haiku/+/5624

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How I can contact with You? form in Your web page not work
I have questions about openstick

Falkon consistently displays “The application: /boot/system/lib/QtWebEngineProcess --type=renderer --disable-s has encountered an error which prevents it from continuing.”

Otter browser will run for a few minutes and then hang without any error message.

Would be nice to have browsers other than WebPositive working in next beta.


It’s now just a regular old BAlert instead of a custom view, so if there’s a problem there, it needs to be adjusted in BAlert.

Where do you see that? The only thing I see that might be called “less contrast” is that button borders look slightly different since they aren’t yet scaled properly.

I have posted about this before elsewhere: I spent a bit of time looking into QtWebEngine issues but did not get very far, and I did not want to spend too much contracted time on it chasing down really obscure problems.

Hopefully @3dEyes will post his GTKWebKit port, which sounds like it works better than any other browser so far.


Checking the prior month’s activity report has become my favourite thing to look forward to each month. Great work, very exciting to see the ARM work in particular, and getting closer to beta 4!


It looks like most of the borders around UI elements retain their absolute thickness, making the borders look relatively thin when upscaled. Borders should probably be twice as thick when DPI is 2x.

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Indeed they should. I have some TODOs to rework spacing computations internally and introduce a “border” spacing type to handle this case, but that is going to take a bit more work.


I can’t wait for Beta4, my old Mac Pro 1.1 is waiting with bated breath.

If I recall correctly, it will be much easier to install with that specific machine with it’s 32-bit EFI but supporting 64-bit programs. I’ve always had “fun” installing Linux, but it’s possible.

The 32-bit EFI support added to the nightlies does not support booting 64-bit installations of Haiku, only 32-bit ones, I believe.

Thanks @waddlesplash , 32-bit is also fine I suppose ( better compatibility with old BeOS software ).

Suppose one doesn’t really need more than 4GB ram for Haiku?

with PAE the limit is 64GB even with 32bit.
iirc 64bit processors should support PAE normally.

The only problem is how much adress space can be allocated per programm (process), i think this is 2GB for 32bit haiku, but that should be plenty.

edit: it seems different PAE implementations can support more ram still, but 64GB should be the lower limit of what PAE supports for 32bit cpus.


That’s not really the question, I think?

You can have more RAM if you want, but 4GB will be more than enough for running Haiku.

I read that as in relation to the 32bit statement, just wanted to clarify that more can be used.

But yeah, I agree 4GB is plenty, also have a laptop with 2GB which works just fine with Haiku.

Webpositive misbehaves the same way!