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As has been the case recently, the Activity Report is hereby combined with my Contract Report.

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As usual, thanks @waddlesplash for the thorough report.

Regarding Beta 4, is there any date set for the release preparation process? Custom Query – Haiku still lists a couple of dozens of tickets associated with it; even after moving some of them to the next version, I assume, there would still be issues to address before releasing the next Beta. Beta 3 was released on July 21, and Beta 2 - on June 20, so would it be possible to follow the one-year release cycle with Beta 4, or should we expect Beta 4 to be moved further to, say, the end of summer or autumn?

Thanks to all the work done this month, also a warm welcome to the new contributors! :+1:
On a sidenote, thanks for mentioning haikuports, a lot of things still need some work, but also in that part we’ve seen some new (familiar) faces around, a big thanks to those as well! :+1:


The betas are done mostly in a “when it’s ready” way. There are a few high priority/blocker tickets and it would be embarrassing to ship the release with these still in. Once we have solved these, we can set up the timeline for the release sprint, which I thinkeis usually 1 or 2 months (call for translations, userguide update, qa tests, etc)


Thanks for the update. How much money is left in the bag ? Is it possible to pay you a second year of salary working on Haiku?

Great work Haiku code wranglers!

Great report as always, with progress on ARM and WiFI drivers being rather interesting!

On the matter of the latter, could you perhaps take a look at the bwn driver from FreeBSD? There have been multiple threads in the forum of folks with hardware that was later determined to need it, despite initial misconceptions of them being covered by the bwi driver that Haiku already supports. The availability of bwn in Haiku has the potential to enable swathes of older hardware (netbooks especially) to be daily drivable, with missing WiFi support often being one of the very last remaining hurdles.

It would also ease the support matrix by being able to say that all BCM43xx WiFi adapters are unequivocally supported, instead of only a portion of them and necessitating further investigation by users.

Based on the past 9 months of work and payments and current Haiku, Inc funds we should be able to pay waddlesplash for another 2 years or so.

Of course if he works more hours or if our donation income decreases a lot this may change but I think we are in pretty good shape. We should be adding GitHub Sponsors as another donation source soon, which has no fees for us, and that will reduce some overhead (the PayPal fees are pretty significant.) On that note one of our donors who is also an accountant ran the numbers and if people are able it is less fees in PayPal to make a larger donation once a year rather than many smaller payments.


And you can use Liberapay to remind you to renew your donation every year: https://liberapay.com/haiku.inc/ (with no additional fees on top of paypal ones)

So liberapay is prefered method to send money?

No, it’s just an “interface” over paypal. Personally I find it convenient to track my donations to various people and not forget to renew them every year.

I am not part of Haiku inc so I don’t know what they prefer.

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The Haiku GitHub Sponsors page has finally gone live today, and given there are no fees I would say that might be our new favorite way of donating, but of course it is very new, and I will need to do some work to add that to my donation tracker tool.

We will make a more official announcement about GitHub Sponsors within the next day or two.

Beyond that PayPal is fine beyond the fees as I said before.

Also a once a year check mailed would be fine, as I can deposit that remotely using the Wells Fargo app.


Nice, after reading about the high PayPal fees for monthly donations, I’ve stopped them a few days ago and was looking for a way to do automatic yearly donations.
Just subscribed to the GitHub Sponsoring (via PayPal). :money_mouth_face:

Who’s paying the PayPal fees, though? GitHub = Microsoft? That would be a hilariously poetic justice… :joy:

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Yeah, Microsoft pays the fees. Apparently it was just supposed to be for a year, but they’re still doing it, so I guess they will continue to do so for the forseeable future.

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As RNDIS is getting some love, I was wondering if anyone has tested libqmi/utils, or if it’s available at all for haiku. If not, I’m guessing the lib and associated utilities wouldn’t build on haiku and will need some work on it to get there.

This is just a question out of my own curiosity. I don’t have the skill to contribute in that way. My contributions would be more along the lines of testing, breaking, and reporting how. Because I’m really good at breaking things.

Also, I think this may be hijacking this thread. If so, I’ll edit appropriately. Don’t know how strict you folks are on that kind of thing.