Haiku 64bit (nightly) runs on Recoil II (aka TongFang GK5CN5Z/6Z)

Just downloaded hrev53001’s AnyBoot 64 bit ISO. It booted on my hardware! Thanks to @waddlesplash et al for the effort on XHCI, it’s obviously worked!

Followed the UEFI instructions and it booted first time.

What works:-

  • NIC (rtl81xx ethernet driver)
  • Screen (v. high res) - suspect it’s using the Intel UHD 630 rather than the Nvidia GP107M
  • Thermal fan (Both Windows and Linux Mint spun the fan at full speed only - Haiku isn’t, it’s throttling correctly - weird, but welcome!

What doesn’t work:-

  • Wireless NIC - Intel AC9260
  • Trackpad (Weird Clevo WMI based thing)
  • Keyboard (Weird 2 wire interface thing)
  • Keyboard backlight (Again Weird Clevo WMI based thing. Solid blue backlight ok from boot, but no on/off)

Hardware is here: https://www.pcspecialist.co.uk/notebooks/recoil-II-15/

If anyone can advise on WMI driver capabilities of Haiku that’d be great. I don’t mind working on this myself but not sure where to start. WiFi would be great too. Happy to run any tests and provide any data necessary!

Thanks all. Keep up the good work on USB3/XHCI, and UEFI boot.


FreeBSD doesn’t support this yet, so we don’t either of course. They have an open ticket about it and a tentative patch; it currently fails to load the firmware, I believe.

A listdev, listusb, and a syslog are going to be key in identifying these; please open a ticket with those.

Here’s a blog post on my install and how it can be replicated for those interested.

listdev et al to follow…

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