Haiku 32bits desktop don't load after boot on it 32bits


I have re installed Haiku on my laptop computer and the desktop don’t load. I had previously encounter this trouble on a previous Nightly Build and last Beta build.
I can’t run any software apparently I have try web positive or menu on the desktop. I can just launch the Terminal, the Windows “About Haiku” can be launched too. (I have the menus in right upper corner) but no icons on destop at all.

Note: I have also disable something like PMC acpi in kernel config file cause my Haiku system don’t shutdown normally after the fresh install. Put the bootmanager for dualboot. It’s all I have done after installing system Haiku.

Please use the bugtracker to report bugs: http://dev.haiku-os.org

The ticket is done. I have find 2 ways to passthrough this trouble here.

I can put the safe mode option on or disable users addons.
also I just check the ACPI (disable it) in safe mode option for the shutdown trouble. Is it a trouble about my graphics card? I see safe boot use Vesa mode, here is an Nvidia Geforce Go (special serie for laptop).

Hello. If disabling user add-ons fixes your problem, then maybe could be some app that you installed that causes the issue?



I don’t understand cause i’am on a fresh install. The only Apps I installed are these developper tools the Installer ask for put in the system when make the system install. I have re installed Haiku few time but the trouble is the same. I don’t see special addons in theses tools (meson, gcc,…) But yes I must blacklist something…


I have find a way to make the desktop run with only Acpi disable (in kernel config file). I must force the reboot of the system to make Haiku work the next time it boot. In haiku session I do Ctrl-Alt+Del > Forcing reboot when the desktop not appear and I have it in the next session.