Haiku 32bit vs 64bit

So, I have now my shiny new notebook with a powerful a10-7300 and, most important, a big hard disk for my multi-OS boot menu. I want to run Haiku on real metal, but which flavor will I get?
The most obvious choice seems to get the 64 bit build but I know the 32 bit is indeed the most actively supported.
Any suggestion?

Hi topolinik,

I’d suggest two smaller partitions, one for gcc2hybrid Haiku, one for 64bit Haiku, and a bigger BFS partition to store your data. Then use a boot manager and try them both. Until the buildbots are filling the default software repo, gcc2hybrid offers many more packages, though.


You can also install Haiku on a flash drive and boot from that. USB2 port only, USB3 port not yet supported.