Haiku 101: File Browse

What is the proper (preferred) sequence of clicks and/or keyboard clicks, to open a tracker panel at a specific file location, assuming no icon to the location is visible? I would like to master the built-in tracker tool because of its unique features, in addition to any advice users may want to give about further software to be installed like a more complicated file browser tool.

  • To get to a folder that doesn’t have a link on the Desktop etc., I prefer to use Drill-down navigation.
  • With Type-ahead filtering activated, it’s easy to find a file/folder and navigate down with OPT+ALT+CursorDown.
  • I have the folder ~/config/settings/Tracker/Go linked to ~/config/settings/deskbar/menu and named it “_Favorites”. It’ll appear above “Applications” in the Deskbar. In there, I link all the regularly needed files/folders. It’s also available from all file panels.

Type ahead filtering also works from the file view of tracker itself as well. So you can open a parent folder type the folder name you want and hit enter to open it ( I prefer single window navigation also, I feel multi window is a bit dated).

Thanks @humdinger and @cb88 for that assistance. In one of the video clips I saw a recommendation for a more familiar-looking file browser application, so I will probably work with both native and extended solutions. Best… Monty.