Haikids, Haiku for Kids

Good day,

While I’m with those who think that kids should play with wood sticks, stones, get their hands dirty with sand, mud, jump on puddles, paint with hands, and so on,… with all the work being done on porting KDE apps to Haiku, and also the educational KDE software, kids can start using Haiku almost as any KDE based distro. Ideally, there will end up being applications specifically targeted at kids too, native ones, which will make a difference too.

Also, I think YAB could be a good first step for kids to start doing things on Haiku, related to programming. Basic was my first programming language back in the days of green phosphor and mechanical keyboards everywhere. In the meantime other languages hopefully get better integration on Haiku, for them to evolve their learning.

I presume any of you in the community who have kids are already doing this, letting kids fiddle around with the OS, mess around, break things, twear,… experience stuff, etc…

Therefore, and while there is still a long long way to go, I think getting kids interested on Haiku will help bringing future Haiku devs.

Yes, I know Haiku is still Beta, but we also know that in many cases, with Xmas gifts, kids end up playing with the boxes more than with the toys that came inside.

(Was this too much Xmas spirit?? :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:)


My son get a haiku laptop with 4th year. He take (time reduced) his first contact playing my kids games:

Later he love to play Alex4 and other jumper and runs. So i create a custom map selection for Alex4.

All simple games are good to get first contact. And haiku is out of my personal data and games on windows, so if he crash the system it does not makes so much defects as using the same windows system like me.

Haiku is a good choice for children.

Today my son love to play freeciv and wesnoth.

And a good inspiration to do things on haiku by myself :wink:


My 2 childs played tuxpaint tuxmath and tuxtype alot. Even thouh was the problem with the ywertz and qwertz with tuxtype.
They loved to play powermanga

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