Hacc Haiku gcc/g++ proxy

Heya all.

As i posted in the Ideas category threads, i was working on a proxy to catch and modify the params on calls to gcc or g++. Nothing fancy, just a bunch of python scripts doing main in the middle.

You should use this to test a compilation of code that has -pthread -lpthread and similar flags, or just wanting to add C-defines before doing something definitive, and not as a true compiler (is going to have overhead, always).

Code is up now in github:

Hacc at github

HPKG Recipe is up in another github repo too:

Recipe for x86_gcc2 and x86

If you think that this may help you somehow… just say it :stuck_out_tongue:

It looks for a file at /boot/home/config/settings/hacc.conf to customize its beaviour and provides some binaries:

  • hacc_conf : configure the file values from the command line
  • hacc : proxy to cc command
  • hacpp : proxy to cpp command
  • hagcc : proxy to gcc command
  • hag++ : proxy to g++ command