H264, wmv 9, VC1 and mp4 decoders for mediaplayer on BeOS 5?


I’m looking for H264, wmv 9, VC1 and mp4 decoders for Mediaplayer on BeOS 5?

There is none.

Wouldn’t it better to put all your questions in one topic?

Also are you aware you are searching for solutions which wasn’t even exists back in the BeOS heyday and it is a past since 20 years?


Maybe VLC can play h264 but no guarantee.

i’m not sure why, but vlc doesn’t starts on my BeOS 5 PC, there’s also mplayer for BeOS with Beeh player gui. I may try it later.

mplayer doesn’t plays avc on BeOS 5, I’ll try to compile vlc from start.

You won’t be able to build any vlc newer than an early build of the 0.90 prereleases on R5. And it is a very complicated build process that is not well documented

0.8.6c is available built for R5 and Zeta and will play all those formats.


I’m using BeOS 5 PE Max Edition v4b1 which came with vlc installed but vlc doesn’t starts.

I also had installed the precompiled vlc 0.8.6c in separate folder, but it also doesn’t starts.

Anything in Terminal of you start it from there?


Warning: your CPU has SSE instructions, but not you operating system
some optimizations will be disabled unless you upgrade your OS.

and doesn’t starts.

Consider to switch to Haiku. You can spare plenty of your hair.


I consider to find and buy PC - Pentium III katmai 550Mhz with 128mb sdram 133mhz and 19" trinitron monitor :slight_smile: for BeOS 5.

I would echo this

I’d even go as far as to suggest that nobody who is not already very familiar with R5 even try use it anymore.

You can probably batter it in to functioning on an 8-10 year old computer of acceptable performance and get reasonable media playback (of old codecs), older builds of SDL games, emulators and so on - but the main software repositories are simply gone, as is the base of people actually running R5 who can provide assistance; and trying to compile anything recent is not going to happen.

In the case of VLC, there were only about three people who ever did public builds of it later on because the build process was so shockingly convoluted. I did the one that will be in that MAX release, and the ones for Zeta; albeit I didn’t do the actual porting.

If its just bombing out like that, I’d guess you may be very short on RAM?


Not to mention it feels not so nice that the efforts of all the people here to build a better replacement for BeOS feel a bit… ignored? If you decide to use the original. So perhaps we are not the best people to ask for help about this.

Imagine going to the current engineer at some car manufacturing company and asking them about a model from the 1960s and why it didn’t have this or that modern feature. At some point someone will tell you “are you sure you don’t want one of our new cars instead?”. There is some fun in using old cars, but there is also a lot of difficulties and challenges that go with it.


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