GSoC2023: ARM port and device tree support


I am a non-tech student who wishes to participate in this year’s GSoC and try to help with the ARM port. I skimmed both the Arm32 and Arm64 status threads but without looking at the code I just learned that there is work to be done :smile:
I plan to get to speed with kernel development in the months before the GSoC’s time window. Would that be ok for the Haiku community and the GSoC application or do you prefer already experienced applicants?


The point of GSoC is to train people to become contributors :slight_smile:
So, that sounds like a good plan! Let us know if we can help.

I think the idea text was not updated since last year and some progress on the code was made. So you may want to check with @davidkaroly and read his “my progress on the ARM port” forum topic to get the latest information.


The device tree support is still valid but maybe there are some higher prio items. I can write a shopping list of possible next steps for the 32/64-bit ARM ports in their respective topics if that helps.


That would be very helpful, thank you!

All right, here is a first draft of the proposal.