GSoC Write Support for File Systems

I am trying to apply for the Haiku Google Summer of Code and am trying to apply to write code to add support for writing in a file. Can anyone give me an overview of the things I would need to do to write this program to see if I would be able to write this?

I can’t give you any in depth info (I’m sure one of the OS developers will) but I think first you will have to decide for which filesystem you want to add write support.

Yes, correct. Is there one that interests you in particular?

You can check the work done previously by GSoC students since this is a very popular GSoC idea in the last few years. The pages below have links to their blogs where you can see what they did:

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You can try to improve existing support for file systems, or add write support for current read-only file systems.
If you want to add something new, take a look at ReFS or HAMMER(2).