[GSoC 2024] Improving the Userland Debugging Experience - Progress Report #1 | Haiku Project

Despite being a bit silent on the blogs, the project is still alive and kicking.

I have completed a port of the gdbserver component of GDB 14.

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Ahoy @trungnt2910 ,

Thank you

¤ for sharing your progress details in this blog post :
it was interesting and generally understandable - despite I’m just a - very curious - user, not a developer. (At least I think I received well your broadcast :)) )

¤ for your choice of development in GSOC , that will help better and easier ways of fixing existing and new developments of programs/apps (readers : select in which generation you were grew up ).
I know you selected this target - among other reasons too- as you would have enjoyed a better debugging in case during your earlier project :
the .NET port.

Also meanwhile I was red your post I’ve faced this would be benefit for other platforms’ development when you wrote about a file ( gdbserver/haiku-low.cc) that contains
“… code for gdbserver that is shared across Haiku targets of different architectures.”

However ARM seems dormant actually (I mean no feedback in readable format that someone forge the code and no commited patches on Gerrit lately) ,
and no refreshed report from Risc-V status from X512, we users just shares new Risc-V SBCs and now lightweight laptops SFFs one after another from several providers in X512’s forum thread –
they are both on the table.
( I peronally hope someone would took up the yarn in case PPC that has happened for a moment in the near past.)

I know debugger of Haiku continously developed - thanks to several other developments, developers who added new things, but those were added might to support kernel side and compiling under new gcc versions.
Now this is focusing to userland debugging - so where resides the programs/apps we would use more directly…

So thanks again - I may do so in the name of the community as well.



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If you’re interested in porting gdbserver/GDB to other Haiku archs in the future, there is not much work needed. All you need is to copy/paste the right parts.

For gdbserver, the only architecture-specific code is for getting/setting CPU registers (look at arch_debugger.h for details on how to do that) and getting the size of a software breakpoint instruction (look at the kernel’s arch_user_debugger.h for the information).


Come here to declare interest on implementing GDB RISC-V support.