[GSOC 2024] Devices preferences or Filesystem writing projects


I am interested in submitting a proposal for either of the following projects:
(1) Devices preferences/Hardware manager
(2) Write support for XFS or UFS2 filesystems

I am currently finishing up an operating systems course that I feel has equipped me well to tackle either of those problems. I would appreciate some feedback on which project I should direct my attention towards.

Also, how much competition do projects typically have for acceptance? I would love to know if applicants typically number around 5, 50, or 500.

Any advice is appreciated!

These two proposals were not chosen Device Preferences/Hardware Manager or UFS2 file system. These links should help:


It’s usually somewhere around 10, maybe a bit more, but this year we seem to be more popular than usual so I think it will be a bit higher. I may have to try to find a few extra mentors.

The filesystem proposals tend to be very popular for some reason, I think because they are well-defined, and, at this point, quite well documented by past students. But they are not the most exciting ones for our users, since the most popular filesystems (NTFS, FAT and EXT4) are already covered.