[GSOC 2024] Bluetooth Stack Improvements / VPN Support

Hey there!
I’d be interested in some Haiku projects, the most appealing to me are the following ones:

  • Bluetooth Stack Improvements
  • VPN Support.

Before starting to work on the proposal, I was curious to know if there were already some valid proposals for one of the two so that I could focus on the not yet picked one.
And of course, if you could share any leads/resources, it would be very appreciated.

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:


VPN Support was already done last year,I think OpenVPN should be working by now.
More details here: Pairisto's blog | Haiku Project
Bluetooth Stack improvements sound like a very good idea,however.
Pairing devices does somewhat work,but there are literally zero drivers to make use of that connection.
So you can pair your Bluetooth mouse or keyboard,but you can’t use it then,which is a bit pointless.

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Some useful links:





The Bluetooth stack definitely needs a lot of work. And once the stack is working well, we could use actual Bluetooth functionality (receiving files, etc.)

I actually started working on the kernel portions of the Bluetooth stack this week. Initially I was just going to fix some memory leaks and close some old Gerrit changes… but then I started noticing more and more problems with its memory management (and general lack of locking…) so now I’ve more or less started a major refactor of the L2CAP module. But there’ll still be plenty to do once I’ve finished with that.


It would be very interesting to integrate OpenVPN well with Haiku, perhaps with a GUI and the ability to easily import the .ovpn configuration file.

I’m not saying a full-fledged client, but at least an icon on the deskbar to know the connection status.


Seems Beta5 will be

the “Get fixed - Get connected” release …

…if such fixes/improves continues on !..