[GSoC 2023] VPN Support Project Update #7 | Haiku Project

Last post, I left off on the problem where the select functionality was working but there are some problems as it works but not well as the average latency is above 2000ms and when using ping it drops more than 60% of packets on average. For two weeks I was working on this issue but I couldn’t figure out what was wrong with select and given that I was coming up on the deadline of my project, I decided to go with a condition variable approach when reading data from the driver for both the application and interface side. For the application side, it does have a timeout on it so that write can also take place since OpenVPN uses select/poll which will check if both read and write can happen at the same time, and since I am blocking one of them, it would just infinitely block both operations until read was fine. While select functionality is something that should be implemented with the driver, timing was not on my side with this issue so for those who want to take more of a crack at finding out what the problem is, here was how I tested it:

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