[GSoC 2023] VPN Support Project Update #4 | Haiku Project

So we are just past the midway point for GSoC and last update I told you guys that I had a working (albeit somewhat buggy) TUN Driver working. I had gotten great feedback from Pulkomandy, Axel, and Korli to help with a more efficient driver and to make it more human-readable because it made no sense the way I had written it. I have very good news to bring to everyone in that all of the 3 main problems that I talked about last time are all solved! I think most of them got solved after I fully understood creating semaphores and imposed execution order by adding a write semaphore. While this new code made the driver much more efficient and less error-prone, there were two new errors that popped up during testing:

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Very nice progress and very good to see teamwork!