[GSoC 2023] VPN Support Project Final Report | Haiku Project

This project, undertaken as part of Google Summer of Code 2023, sets out to implement a robust TUN/TAP driver for Haiku given the increasing demand from the community for a virtual network kernel interface. This project allows for VPN software and other network-related utilities that work with TUN/TAP driver to operate seamlessly on Haiku. Throughout the project’s duration, I’ve documented the rationale behind key design decisions, and offered insights on the interplay between the TUN/TAP driver and Haiku’s unique networking architecture in my series of seven progress blog posts. For those interested in trying out the TUN/TAP driver on Haiku (when the code is merged, more on that in a different section), you can use the port of OpenVPN that was made on haikuports here. One last thing to say is that I could not get the TUN interface to work properly due to a lack of Point-to-Point being supported by Haiku but TAP works for both the interface and driver.

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