[GSOC 2023] .NET Port

Great news that the builders are up and running again, but also that .NET is actively looking into the PR’s, thanks for your work here! :ok_hand:

After more than 5 months, the previous pull request to dotnet/runtime has just been merged!

I’ve also opened a new PR, this one concerning native C/C++ code changes to the repo:

Haiku: Initial CoreCLR support by trungnt2910 · Pull Request #93907 · dotnet/runtime (github.com)

Weekly builds are still rolling, at least for one more month.


.NET 8 has just been released a few days ago.

Earlier today I have provided the latest weekly build for .NET 8 and .NET 9 with newly rebased code.
Release .NET 8 for Haiku x64 build 20231119.1 Release · trungnt2910/dotnet-builds (github.com)

Since I’m getting busier with other things, as planned, I will stop the weekly rebases. I will still keep the weekly builds running in case there are some breaking changes in the Haiku toolchain. However, the port will not be continuously rebased like in the past few months.

This is also a good time for anyone interested to create a recipe and package .NET 8 on HaikuPorts.