[GSoC 2023] .NET Developer Platform - Progress Report #4 | Haiku Project

C# bindings for some parts of the Haiku API is now available, along with basic .NET SDK support for building Haiku applications, in a .NET workload (more details below). The source code and install instructions are currently in this GitHub repo.

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Nice progress again (although most is too technical for my skills :slight_smile: ), thanks for all the work done so far! :ok_hand:


That sounds super amazing!!!

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This sounds super cool! Look forward to testing it


Nice progress. I will give it a try when SDK available on Haiku nightly.

On binding, CppSharp looks great choice.
I have a side project to generate binding of C++ library (especially wxWidgets) for Rust.
It utilizes Doxygen XML output as a stable meta data of the exported interface of the (cross platform) library.

I want to try it on Haiku API someday but if libclang based solution works well enough I will try that approach instead.